West Wales Web Design and WordPress Customisations

Based in Talog, near Carmarthen, I operate a friendly and versatile web design business, with nineteen years experience behind me.

My clients are small retail businesses, sole traders, therapists, smallholders, holiday accommodation owners, a couple of charities and a prestigious music festival.

You can see my work on the right - click on an image for more details and a link to the site.

I offer ...
  • web standards information
    • sleek CSS based layouts
    • code conforms to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XHTML standards
    • CSS and XHTML valdated by W3C markup service
    • under the hood: XHTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL, all hand coded.

    A well crafted page is the best guarantee that it will be compatible and fully operable in most modern browsers and will remain so in the future.

    web standards compliant technology
  • hosting information
    • tailored hosting packages to suit your needs
    • cpanel interface allows you to have as much direct control of the site as you wish

    If you already have a web-host, where possible, I will work with that. If you don't, then I will design a hosting package that is directly suitable to your needs.

    For domain registration I will recommend a registrar that I have used for over ten years and arrange that side of things as well.

    I won't charge you the earth for this, as my business is web design, not reselling web space..

    reliable and cost-effective hosting and domain registration
  • CMS information

    Database-driven webapps breathe life into a website and can give you direct control over the content of your site.

    As well as providing the usual links management, image-management, shop and blog facilities, I can tailor a webapp to your precise needs.

    Some of the apps I have created in the past include:

    • holiday let booking calendars
    • enquiry records
    • membership, password and subscription administration
    • password protected client areas
    • gallery and site-wide image management
    • events listings and diaries
    • online surveys
    • noticeboard
    • page-specific text and image management
    • herd management and diary
    • blog
    • ecommerce applications

    I am also happy to implement and customise some reputable ready-made applications, such as Wordpress, Zen Cart, or phpBB.

    tailor made content management systems for all your needs.
  • CMS information

    All my sites have home pages with some level of content management built in.

    With the ability to edit your own text and upload images, you will feel encouraged to keep your site updated, and thus more attractive to the search engines.

    content managed home page, with image upload as standard.
  • artwork and graphics information

    I am skilled in the use of Photoshop and Illustrator, so can prepare and optimise any images that you may have for use on the web.

    Alternatively, I can produce artwork myself from scratch.

    I will also use online image resources such as iStock for cost-effective and royalty-free images.

    artwork creation and graphics manipulation
  • updates and maintenance information

    Once the site is up and running, any site updates or maintenance can be done eiher on a contractual basis or on a pay-as-you-go basis. The latter option is usually better where updates are not too frequent, but I will help you decide which is the best option for you.

    As the web develops and coding practices change, I will make suggestions when appropriate to keep the site up to date and fully compatible with modern browsers.

    pay-as-you-go updates and site maintenance
  • SEO information

    There are many factors involved in getting on the front page of Google, and I will work with you to ensure you achieve high rankings in all the main search engines:

    • clean code, built with search engine requirements in mind, from the ground up
    • content linked to keyword rich page titles and descriptions
    • advice on inbound links, statistics, and relevant web marketing tools
    search engine optimisation and ongoing rankings support
  • welsh language information

    I have a rudimentary understanding of the welsh language.

    I am particularly interested in creating sites in welsh, and welcome enquiries for welsh language websites.

    welsh language websites
  • welsh language information

    As well as being one of the most popular blogging platforms around, WordPress is also a fantastic tool for anyone to build their website on. I am happy to work on your WordPress site and can offer …

    • Completely unique custom themes built around the Thematic Framework
    • Tweaks and fixes to exisiting themes and templates
    • Powerful ecommerce solutions with the WooCommerce plugin
    • Custom built WordPress apps
    • Day to day advice and support with plugin installation and troubleshooting
    • WordPress and plugin updates
    WordPress themes, WordPress customisation and support

Costs are based simply on how much time it takes to build and maintain the site.

My basic package starts at £500.00, which includes a home page with editable area and image upload, a domain name and a years hosting.

WordPress customisations start at £500.00.

Have a look at my web packages page, which should start to give some idea.

I am, of course, happy to answer any other questions - my aim is to help you find the right web solution for your situation, and if I can't help I may know someone else that can.