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If would like to experiment with uploading images from your own computer, please contact me by email for a password

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Content Management - Try it for yourself ...

Most of the content on this page can be directly edited - by you.

The aim is to give you some idea of what editing your own web page could be like. In some ways it is not dissimilar to working in Word or other word-processing programs, but in other ways it is quite different.

I suggest you just have a go - and don't worry - you can't break anything. The changes you make will be seen only on your computer, and if you want to start again, simply click the 'Reset Page' button.

I have disabled the image and file upload, for security reasons, but if you would like to try these out, please get in touch and I will give you a temporary password.

To get started ...

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And now ... introducing Gwen - my glamourous sheep dog

Gwen the sheepdog

Coming from good working stock in the Black Mountains, Gwen is a beautiful dog. Although we don't have sheep, she gets a lot of satisfaction in being in the field with the alpacas, and lets us know when anything is going on.

She can be very wilful, and has been known to make the odd dash through the hedge to start herding next door's sheep ...

If you think this is off the point you can edit this text and swap the picture by clicking on 'Edit' below ...